This will be ugly

I sometimes have a hard time saying “no.” Example: despite the fact that I am the worst fantasy baseball player in creation, I have somehow found myself with teams in three leagues. I’m starting my second season in a Diamondmind league that Dayn Perry put together, my first season in a Scoresheet league populated by guys who do nothing but think about baseball all day such as Neyer, King Kaufman, and Will Leitch, and now I’ve joined a straightforward Yahoo! rotisserie league put together by MLB Trade Rumors’ Tim Dierkes, and populated by nothing but baseball bloggers.

Over my head factor: High

Time to devote to these leagues: Approaching zero and surpassing it once I’m actually, you know, working again.

Likelihood that, of all the things that could suffer as a result of these commitments, I will choose to neglect the important ones: Off the charts.

I realize that there is nothing more boring than hearing about someone else’s fantasy teams, but there is nothing more interesting than hearing about someone’s personal life imploding. Between now and October I fully expect my career, marriage, and relationship with my children to be on life support, and I’ll be sure to let you know when major developments along those lines occur.

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  1. Daniel said...

    I think I might be the only one who actually enjoys reading about other peoples’ fantasy baseball teams.  It’s interesting to hear about the league format, transactions that take place, smack talk, crazy occurrences that completely turn your season around, etc.

    I also like hearing about poker games.  I guess I’m just strange in that regard.

    Anyway, share all the fantasy baseball you want, Craig!  I like hearing about it.

  2. Nevin said...

    Hey Craig,

    I appreciate both your predicament and your blogging.  If you ever want to bounce fantasy ball talk off someone, we’re here for you.  Plus, look at it this way: the likelihood that the Braves will be well out of contention by mid to late June is very high (Have you looked at our schedule?  Thanks, interleague play), so you’ll have a solid 3+ months to not let real fan-dom get in the way of your fantasy pursuits.

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