THT Fantasy has moved to Rotographs

For nearly seven years, THT has provided cutting-edge fantasy player analysis, starting with the fantastic work of Derek Carty and David Gassko. Through the years, new writers were recruited and leadership switched over to Derek Ambrosino and then Nick Fleder. Throughout these changes, I’m proud to say that THT continued to provide insightful, thoughtful and useful fantasy baseball content.

The time has come, however, to close these doors and merge efforts with our partners at Rotographs. Effective today, all of our writers will now be posting there. The good news is that you’ll continue to receive terrific fantasy baseball content at Rotographs. The bad new is, well, there really isn’t any bad news. Rotographs will provide even more terrific fantasy analysis and commentary and you’ll have to go to just one site for all of your fantasy needs.

I want to thank every single person who has contributed to THT Fantasy over the years, and there have been many of you. And I want to thank our readers who have supported our efforts and contributed to everything we’ve done. It’s been a great ride.

And remember…the ride continues at Rotographs!

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  1. Kevin said...

    I’ve been coming to your site for years, but doubt I’ve commented more than a few times.  Just wanted to say thanks for the thoughtful/timely analysis.  Truly one of the better sources out there.  Will continue to stop by for the non-fantasy output and look forward to seeing the improved Rotographs site.

    Thanks again for everything.

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