THT forum: What can we do better?

Greetings, THT faithful!

The Hardball Times’ fantasy page is chugging along: we have the best one-stop wonder of daily strategy wisdom you’re likely to find out there on the web; we have two of the wittiest, most entertaining fantasy spinsters in the game helping you scour your waiver wire three times a week; we have bi-weekly verdicts handed down by the Judge himself, savvy and timely analysis of roster shifts, and statistically-driven, big-picture peeks into the game in its many formats. And that’s just some of what we’re producing over here.

If you’re reading this, you, of course, know the great virtues of The Hardball Times. But chances are, you have suggestions and cravings for content done better—and we do what we do for you, after all.

So let’s host a forum. We’re taking old-fashioned suggestions via comments and emails—you can find both below—and soon, we hope to have a live, online chat where we can exchange advice about how to better run our respective operations.

For now,

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  1. Adi said...

    Love The Daily Grind but the recent big lags between updates (general non-daily-ness) have been a bit frustrating.

  2. NP said...

    I only visit this site for The Daily Grind so obviously share the same sentiment as the first poster. Way too inconsistent.

  3. drewcorb said...

    I agree with the Daily Grind comments.  That is a great feature and is greatly missed when it’s not included.  The Waiver Wire bits are great too, especially because I play in deeper leagues.  That is a great feature.

    I don’t read the fantasy judgment articles too often because I have a pretty solid league, but then again it’s only a bi-weekly thing so if even a few people like it, it’s worth keeping.

    I think some in depth looks at interesting players would be fun to read.  I think Rotographs does those more often than they are done over here.  Rotographs is good, but I think the writing at this site tends to be better, so I’d love to see those articles here instead.

  4. Matt said...

    I agree – in depth looks at interesting players. Been waiting for some 2014 projections/outlooks/speculation. Would be great if you beat the other sites to the punch!

  5. Jack Weiland said...

    Great feedback guys, keep it coming. Even if it’s that Nick needs to let go of that Jack Weiland guy. (What’s his deal, anyway?)

    One note on the Waiver Wire series: yes, they’re framed as waiver pickups, but they don’t need to be jammed into such a narrow window. They’re essentially value columns. So even if the players we cover are owned already, there is value in what we’re giving you based on trade targets, etc.

    Just figured I would point that out since I feel like people sometimes get stuck in viewing those pieces as valuable only if the players are unowned in their leagues.

    Anyway, food for thought.

  6. Jack Weiland said...

    One thing we’ve kicked around (and Scott has actually done): Reddit AMAs. Would you guys be interested in those if we did more of them?

  7. Keith said...

    I for one love the judgment pieces, especially the ones written like a legal opinion (Being an attorney I may not be your average reader for those though).

    I think I once heard mention about a classified section of sorts helping leagues find managers and visa-verse. That would be nice.

    I like the waiver wire and the daily grind pieces. As for new ideas…maybe some items tailored to auction leagues (more applicable in the preseason)?

    Another thought is more pieces targeting minor league stash worthy players. Not guys in the top 20 prospect lists, but kids tearing up the minors (e.g. Cingrani types).

  8. drewcorb said...

    I really like the Reddit AMAs from fantasy experts.  Of course, it’s always a lot easier to get a response from THT writers just from commenting on the article here.  I think I’ve received a response every time I’ve commented here.  So I don’t think Reddit AMAs do much for current readers of THT, but I bet you could grab some additional readers by doing them.  Those are by far the biggest posts in the Fantasy Baseball subreddit.

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