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Shameless plug alert! THT’s own John Beamer, who is a terrific guy, and a few other people who I don’t care about have combined super forces to start a new blog concerning the Atlanta Braves. For full disclosure, I am mentioning this in exchange for the promise that Beamer never brings up Rafael Soriano and does my stat homeworks for me. You can find the blog here.

Baseball.has(Parity) = True – Ken Rosenthal writes about how baseball, the sport most maligned for parity issues due to the non-salary cap, has actually shown a good competitive balance the past decade. Moreso than those other sports anyways.

Underrated – What a loaded word. But for the purposes of possible fantasy interest, Patrick Sullivan names a player at each position who has “more game than name” recognition that is.

On the Other Hand: Angels Edition – The consensus about the AL West seems to be it’s going to either the As or the Angels. Well, Alex Obel takes a look at why it might not be the Angels.

Triple/Double Ratio and Speed – Cyril Morong has a look at the fastest players since 1900 judged using triple to double ratio.

Ichiro Can Do it All! – Besides owning the outfield and infuriating pitchers at the plate, Ichiro Suzuki also has a game show back in Japan where he takes on experts in various fields. In what I am not sure, though I’m pretty sure it’s not like whatever show Most Extreme Challenge is ripping off.

Top 10 Prospects – Aaron Gleeman finishes off his list of the top 50 prospects in baseball with the final ten.

Enjoy This Before eBay Pulls it DownManny Ramirez is apparently selling his grill on eBay. This might not even make it to posting time.

Projecting the Projections – The (highly above) Replacement Level Yankee Blog has a look at four projection systems and how they project the season to go. Sorry Royals fans, not even in 4,000 tries did Kansas City make the playoffs.

Stadium Names – Nate Silver did a straw poll among BP staffers in a look at how various stadia are remembered.

Fish Hurlers – In this case, not those guys at Pike Place, but the ones in Miami who throw off a hill while wearing a fish logo. Can they be as good in 2007 as they were in 2006?

Manny Bein’ A-Rod – Unclutch that is. At least according to Tango’s measure.

Traditional American Cuisine – From fellow alum and the Independent League food pioneers, the Gateway Grizzlies comes the latest innovation, deep fried White Castle burgers. I gained four pounds just writing that.

Little To Do NowGrady Little has his financial future set for the next few years as the Dodgers exercised his 2008 option already and tacked on one more for 2009 in the process.

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