THT Links: Multisport Edition

Some wacky stories today. I thought I’d drop a quick note about the fantasy league in here—we’ve filled most of the spots, but are still waiting on a couple folks, so there’s still a chance that you might be in. Thanks for your patience! Oh, and Matthew will be back tomorrow and resuming your normal THT Links service.

Pucks Cure Curves – Indians pitchers Paul Byrd andTom Mastny have been throwing hockey pucks at each other all spring in an attempt to sharpen their curveballs.

Gordon Ailing – Phillies closer Tom Gordon went to see his team doctor yesterday in what was termed a precautionary check up. Of course, as we all know, this is the kind of thing that often leads to “second opinion from Dr. James Andrews,” rapidly followed by “season-ending surgery.” So keep an eye on this.

Top 50 – Aaron Gleeman continues his top 50 prospects countdown with 11 through 20.

An Afternoon in Peoria – To my untrained eye, Ryan Ambrust is a great photographer. Of course, any set of photos that involve the A’s and baseball would probably look good to me.

Angels Rising – THT writer Jeff Sackmann paints a rosy picture for the Angels over at his Beyond the Box Score blog.

April WinningCharles Thomas won the second annual Justin Duchscherer-Rich Harden Video Game Challenge. Rich Harden on the event:

“It’s fun,” said Harden, who bowed out in the first round using Ryan Howard. “You can do all the practicing you want, but it’s different once you get up to the big screen.

In Iannetta Rockies Trust – Highly touted rookie catcher Chris Iannetta will be given a chance at the starting job this season, with former All Star catcher Javy Lopez being released.

DirecTV End Around – Maury Brown reports that cable and dish operators shut out of the MLB Extra Innings package might buy subscriptions in bulk and distribute them to customers.

Today at THT

The Vintage Baby Pictures Quiz – Some nice-looking kids, and how they grew.

Five Questions: Seattle Mariners – Giving the needle to Seattle.

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