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You know how sometimes you will be waiting for something for so long and in the process you build it up in your mind far beyond its actual importance, and then, when it does happen, you find yourself totally let down? Well, that feeling sums up this mid-week. Pitchers and catchers are showing up people! It’s great. It means baseball is just around the corner. But it is still just pitchers and catchers reporting; it has never been fascinating and this year is no exception. Still, somebody please write something interesting. I cannot do it all for you, and no, the Zambrano thing isn’t interesting. On to the (paltry) links for the day.

Also: the Sun Rose Today – An update on the medical progress of Derrek Lee and Nick Johnson. Lee feels great so he says. Johnson, on the other hand, likely will not be ready for Spring Training. Here’s what I looked like when I found out Nick Johnson is still hurt.

Players Who Might Dramatically Improve – Tom Verducci at SI goes through each NL team, highlighting one player who might take his game to the next level this season. It all begs one question; which word is more overused: breakout or sleeper?

And He Brought Nerds. Get Him! – Dex over at Gaslamp Ball had the privelage to interview Paul DePodesta and tries to figure out exactly what he does.

Entering the Void – Ryan Van Bibber takes a peek at how one might go about evaluating mangers. It’s really really hard to do.

Torre Says: Mas, Mucho MasJoe Torre says he thinks he will want to continue managing after this year. That’s rather passive language Joe, either you want to, you don’t want to, or there’s no story here. Survey says… door number three!

That is Hideous – I agree with you JD, that is one ugly hat. Don’t these people have focus groups? If so, fire the people the bring in the focus groups. If not, fire the people responsible for not thinking up having focus groups. Either way, multiple people should be fired for this.

If Only My Exes Were so Good – John Donovan at SI looks at ten aging ex-stars who need to step up in 2007. His words, not mine. I don’t know in what universe Barry Bonds still isn’t considered great at baseball. He’s even a star witness.

Red Vs. Green – A head to head look at the two teams almost sure to battle it out for the AL West crown, Oakland/San Jose/Fremont and Anaheim/Los Angeles/Orange Country/California.

And With the Number 2 Pick… – An interesting open thread over at Baseball Analysts as the peanut gallery weighs in on who to take with the second overall pick in fantasy.

Today at THT

Risk vs. Uncertainty – Or, Ramon Ortiz vs. Matt Garza.

Business of Baseball Report – The Braves sale is finalized, and Tampa Bay looks to by Rays no more.

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