60,000 days ago today in baseball history (9/27/10)

60,000 days ago in baseball history – yes, there was baseball history 60,000 days ago. If you think about what baseball-related event could possibly have happened 60,000 days ago, you might figure it out before I mention it.

(Pause for a few seconds in case people want to guess.)

Well, 60,000 days ago was June 19, 1846. Way back then – at a time when America (all 28 states of it) was at war with Mexico, and there were only seven known planets in the solar system – Alexander Cartwright and friends got together to play a little game in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Yup, it was the official first game in baseball history, and the day that got Cartwright his plaque in Cooperstown.

I’m really hazy on this era in baseball history, but I believe there’s some controversy about should Cartwright be considered the true father of baseball or if this was the first real game or whatever. At any rate, this game commonly cited as the first baseball game took place 60,000 days ago. I’m sure everyone coming to this site can appreciate the development of MLB.

Speaking of people who appreciate the development of MLB – here’s a bonus one for you: 50,000 days ago, Hall of Famer Bobby Wallace was born.

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