A Book and a Calculator

We’ve rolled out a new feature of the Hardball Times website today, as described in this article. It’s the Net Win Shares Value calculator, and it will calculate the value of any player’s 2004 contract, based on his salary and Win Shares.

We also want to announce that we’ll be publishing a baseball book, to be sold on this site in early November. The Hardball Times 2004 Baseball Annual will consist of many new articles, as well as the best articles published on our site, that capture the essence of the 2004 season. In addition, we’ll have over 100 pages of graphs and stats, including Net Win Shares Value for every player, and a number of historical articles too. This is our way of providing more baseball content to you, as well as defraying some of the costs involved with running our website. We think you’ll find it’s more than worth it. Please look for more book announcements over the coming weeks.

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