All hail . . . . Ed Kranepool?

In honor of Derek Jeter’s imminent breaking of Lou Gehrig’s franchise record for most hits, LoHud Yankee blog presented a list of each franchise career hit leader. In a thread on it over at BTF, poster AG#1Fan noted the Mets had a comically low career leader for a franchise that had been around for nearly a half-century: 1,418 by Ed Kranepool.

So I wonder, what is the hit leader for each franchise since 1962, and how does Kranepool stack up?

Here they are in order from most-to-least, broken up into fives to make it easier to read. I’ll include post-1962 expansion franchises, but put them in italics:

BOX 3,419 Carl Yastrzmski
CIN 3,358 Pete Rose
BAL 3,184 Cal Ripken Jr.
KCR 3,154 George Brett
MIL 3,142 Robin Yount

SDP 3,141 Tony Gwynn
HOU 3,060 Craig Biggio
NYY 2,718 Derek Jeter
STL 2,713 Lou Brock
ATL 2,390 Chipper Jones

CHC 2,385 Ryne Sandberg
DET 2,369 Lou Whitaker
LAA 2,368 Garret Anderson
MIN 2,304 Kirby Puckett
SEA 2,247 Edgar Martinez

PHI 2,234 Mike Schmidt
PIT 2,232 Willie Stargell
CWS 2,136 Frank Thomas
COL 2,110 Todd Helton
LAD 1,977 Willie Davis

SFG 1,951 Barry Bonds
OAK 1,882 Bert Campaneris
TEX 1,734 Ivan Rodriquez
DCN 1,694 Tim Wallach
CLE 1,616 Omar Vizquel

TOR 1,583 Tony Fernandez
NYM 1,418 Ed Kranepool
ARI 1,337 Luis Gonzalez
FLA 1,273 Luis Castillo
TBR 1,270 Carl Crawford

So yeah, the Mets career leader is as bad as it looks and isn’t just some era bias issue.

I never would’ve guessed Omar Vizquel would score so high. He’s actually Cleveland’s hit leader since 1941. (Push it back to 1940 and Lou Boudreau pulls ahead).

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  1. John Proulx said...

    If the Nationals get credit for Tim Wallach, then surely the Twins should get credit for Sam Rice (2,889 hits).

  2. Chris J. said...


    The list refers only to what has happened since 1962, to put the Mets on an even playing field with older teams.  (And that’s why younger teams are italicized). 

    Sam Rice’s hits all came before 1962, which is why Kirby Puckett leads.

  3. kranepool said...

    No the real crime here is that Steady Eddie does not have a rotunda named after him or that his number is not retired. Jose Reyes wears that number 7 and one thing Eddie Kranepool never did was blown a hammy. Speed Kills I won’t rest until the Mets All Time Hits Kings has the Willets-Pt Subway stop named after him I may have to take a spray paint can up there myself

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