And now shipping!

The Hardball Times Annual 2011 is now shipping. If you bought it from ACTA, you will receive it in a couple of days. If you bought it from Amazon, you will receive it in a couple of weeks. If you didn’t buy it, you won’t receive it.

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life that way? Help support THT and read a great book at the same time. Buy the Hardball Times Annual today.

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  1. philly said...

    If it arrives before I leave for Thanksgiving with my in-laws the price differential between buying it from Acta and Amazon will be some of the best money that I’ve ever spent.

  2. JK said...

    I received mine today! I read the intro, and hope to read more the second I have a few more minutes. Cannot wait to delve into it over the weekend!

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