And That Happened

Royals 3, Tigers 2: Jose Valverde was handed a 2-0 lead in the ninth with a runner on and promptly coughed it up by surrendering a homer to Lorenzo Cain. Phil Coke added his own brand of kerosene to the fire on the 10th as Eric Hosmer singled in the winning run. After the game he was, and I am not making this up, given a celebratory BBQ sauce shower. Which, on the one hand is kind of fun. On the other hand it suggests that the Royals really don’t know how to handle the rituals of winning. Like, I guess they can ask Miguel Tejada or Jeff Francoeur what they’re supposed to do when they win, but they may not remember.

Angels 9, Orioles 5: Down 4-2 entering the seventh, the Angels put up a six-spot. The six spot was aided by an Erick Aybar bases-loaded triple and an Albert Pujols homer. Chris Davis homered again too, giving him 21 on the year.

Reds 2, Cubs 1: Mike Leake out-dueled Travis Wood. Would really like to see the phrase “out-dueled” expand in use a bit. We could apply it to two people who enter a nearly-full parking lot at the same time. I’m sure there are others. If you have some potential “out-dueled” applications please leave them in the comments.

Padres 5, Braves 3: And the sweep. Edinson Volquez struck out nine in seven innings and Chris Denorfia hit a two-run homer. The Padres have won six of eight. The Braves finish a dismal L.A.-San Diego road trip 2-5.

Pirates 12, Giants 8: Pirates surging, Giants, um, well, there isn’t a word that is both the opposite of and rhymes with surging. Barry Zito got tattooed for eight runs and saw his road ERA balloon to 11.28 (it’s 1.94 in San Francisco). Starling Marte had four hits and scored four runs.

Red Sox 2, Rays 1: We’ve secretly replaced Alfredo Aceves with a pitcher who doesn’t stink. Let’s see if anyone notices! The Red Sox’ complicated swingman allowed one run over six innings. A 2-1 game required 11 pitchers and went nearly three and a half hours. Viva AL East baseball.

Mets 5, Cardinals 1: Dillon Gee had his third straight start in which he only allowed one run. Shelby Miller had his worst start in his young career. Still struck out 10 in that worst start. Homers for David Wright, Lucas Duda and Marlon Byrd.

Indians 5, Rangers 2: A home run and three hits overall for Jason Kipnis. Cleveland entered this series on a losing skid but took two of three from the Rangers, who have lost five of seven.

Brewers 10, Marlins 1: Three driven in for Carlos Gomez. Seven shutout innings for Alfredo Figaro. Kind of a quintessential 2013 game for the Marlins.

Twins 4, Phillies 3: You can’t stop Clete Thomas, you can only hope to contain him. The [insert intimidating nickname for Thomas here when we think of one] was 4 for 4 with a couple of RBI doubles as the Phillies dropped their fifth straight.

Nationals 5, Rockies 1: Ross Ohlendorf made his Nats debut and allowed one run over six innings. I got to see him pitch here in Columbus a couple of weeks ago and got a load of his new, old-timey, hands over his head windup. It’s a treat. Enjoy it Nats fans.

Diamondbacks 8, Dodgers 6: The day after fisticuffsmanship, the Snakes rattle out 20 hits. They needed all 20, though, as this one went into the 12th inning. The D-backs have done quite well in extras this year, however. And they’ve taken four straight series from the Dodgers.

Athletics 5, Yankees 2: Two homers for Brandon Moss. The A’s have won 10 in a row at home.

Astros 6, Mariners 1: Houston scored all six runs in a ninth-inning rally as eight shutout innings from Jeremy Bonderman — Jeremy Bonderman! — go to waste.

Blue Jays vs. White Sox: POSTPONED: I should have guessed that you’d stand me up. Why did I even go, now? And I guess it goes to show the snow may well thaw out, but it goes right down the drain. You left me, You left me, You left me, You left me, You left me standing in the rain.

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  1. Jim G. said...

    Nothing Valverde does is prompt. He did get two outs and had two strikes on Cain when he served up that HR.

    Carlos Gomez is having a great year, and had two triples with his 3 RBIs, but I think Jonathan Lucroy deserves mention for his 4 RBIs and a catcher’s triple, which is worth 4 CF triples. And he’s starting to heat up, too.

    As far as out-dueling, how about the way you outduel other writers who have day recap articles. You’re easily the best. Especially over that knob at NBC Sports….. Oh, wait…..

  2. Dave S said...

    the only interesting thing about the Phils game, is that it gets them one step closer to blowing this team up.

    when I saw Pelfrey-Cloyd matchup, I knew it would put me right to sleep, and sure enough, it did.

    two slow working nibblers.  and two teams that can’t hit.  I figured a boring 3 hour game.  I missed by 5 minutes.

    I guess Pelfrey “out-dueled” Cloyd, in that he bored the Phils to death before Cloyd could do the same to the Twins.

    I’m curious to see when and how Ruben Amaro Jr starts to rebuild the Phillies.  assuming he is able, or around to do so.

    ps.  Husker Du.  nice smile

  3. Paul G. said...

    Pirates surging, Giants dirging.  (As in a funeral song.  Technically not a verb but I think the grammar pedants lost that battle decades ago with “party.”)  Also, Pirates surging, Giants diverging, as in the Giants are going in a different direction. 

    Out-duel: Two people starting a crossword puzzle at the same time.  I suspect Mike Mussina may be the major league leader in career out-dueling.

  4. Jason said...

    Out-dueling:  When two little old ladies reach the empty checkout line at the grocery store, and one noses her cart in right before the other.

  5. Jack said...

    Out-dueled: When two cars are next to each other on the highway, one in the right lane and one in the left lane, and they are both going 60mph.

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