And That Happened

Giants 6, Phillies 5: Buster. Posey. Just a 4 for 5 night with a key defensive play behind the plate. Thank God he fixed all of those shortcomings that kept him in the minors back in April and May. Juan Uribe had a walkoff sac fly. Thank God his wrist was well enough to play. And what happened to Charlie Manuel and Bruce Bochy? Bochy had been pretty solid in this playoffs so far, but I felt like pulling Bumgarner as early as he did was strange. Manuel too seemed to be all antsy, pulling Jose Contreras after he faced only one hitter and using Oswalt in the ninth when he has a closer in Brad Lidge who has been pitching well. But ultimately those are quibbles. This may not have been the best-played or best-managed game of the playoffs — indeed, it may have been far from it — but it may have been the playoffs’ most entertaining game. Now all that stands between the Giants and the World Series is Roy Halladay.

Yankees 7, Rangers 2: The Bombers finally found their boomsticks. And the Rangers — who told fans yesterday afternoon that they could meet the team back at the airport in Dallas after they arrive following the game — were maybe caught looking ahead. Worse, Nelson Cruz had to leave the game early with a tight hamstring. It’s still their series to lose, I think — they have Cliff Lee in their back pocket after all — but if they drop Game 6 on Friday, you have to wonder if there will be enough crowbars in all of Texas to pry loose the clenched orifices of the Rangers and their fans.

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  1. Greg Simons said...

    Nice “boomstick” reference, Ash…I mean, Craig.  Groovy.

    And aside from the Rangers and their fans having tight sphincters if a Game Seven is necessary, the advantage of having Cliff Lee available for World Series Game One is significant.  Sure, he would pitch in WS Game Two if he has to go this Saturday.  But I’m sure Texas would rather have him in Games One and Five and available out of the bullpen for a potential Game Seven save, a la Randy Johnson in 2001.

  2. Ari Berkowitz said...

    There have been so many bad managerial decisions this playoffs and the funniest part is that the one that’s being scrutinized the most (Burnett’s IBB to Murphy) wasn’t really as bad as they’ve been making it out to be as Tango showed Yesterday.  I mean, Bochy benching the superb Andres Torres, the Giants best player in 2010 according to fWAR, and having Renteria bat leadoff.  The Twins bunting with no out, runner on first, first inning of game one of the ALDS.  Gardenhire not pulling Pavano after the 6th inning.  It’s been pathetic.  Washington not using his closer after it was starting to unravel in the 8th inning of game 1.  Come on, it’s not rocket science.

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