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Eric Simon has penned a review of the THT Annual at Amazin’ Avenue. In a nutshell, Eric likes it a lot and talks in-depth about a few of his favorite articles. I was glad to see that he particularly liked Jack Marshall’s article about the importance and definition of “character” in Hall of Fame arguments. It was one of my favorites, too.

Let us know if you also have a favorite THT Annual article, or if there was one you didn’t feel was “Annual worthy.” We accept all kinds of feedback.

You can purchase the THT Annual from ACTA Sports.

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  1. Jack Marshall said...

    I saw Eric Simon’s nice comments and will send him thanks (his blog requires two days for certification, for some reason). I am kicking myself, however, for not realizing Robby Alomar was coming up for the HOF and including “spitting at an umpire” in the hierarchy of bad character markers. Actually “Spit and the Hall of Fame” might be an interesting article…

  2. lieiam said...

    actually i think the article on “character” regarding the hall of fame was my LEAST favorite article in the whole annual! it seemed logically constructed so i’m not complaining about that…
    it just seems to me such a goofy subject. i think because it seems to be encouraging judgement on people as human beings and not as ballplayers.
    not that we don’t all do that in everyday life, but, for the most part, it’s a habit that i think can be dangerous for a society to do too much of.
    (of course, the same can be said for a society doing too little of the exact same). sorry, this post has already gone on for too long!

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