APBA manager wanted

The North East League, the world’s first play-by-mail baseball simulation league, is pleased to invite experienced APBA managers to apply for an open franchise. We’re also going to name an official alternate who will automatically get the next available franchise. This is the first manager search that we’ve run in 12 years, so if you’re at all interested in joining the NEL, now’s the time!

The NEL is a basic game APBA league that is just about to start its 50th season. We use the 1986 version of the boards (the white boards) with very few changes, but we do have a computerized version of the game that allows an 8-game series to be played, complete with stat compilation, in an hour or two. We hold an annual convention (this year in late March in New Jersey), and virtually every league member attends virtually every convention. The available franchise has one of the best rosters in the league, including such names as Johan Santana, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Adam Wainwright, Ian Kinsler, Jose Reyes, Kevin Youkilis, Mariano Rivera, etc.

Famous former NEL managers include Bob Fraser, APBA’s former general manager; Tom Heiderscheit, the former editor of the APBA Journal; and the late Bill Linn, the long-time author of “Linn on Leagues” in the Journal.

If you’re interested in learning more about the NEL, please email Woody Studenmund at
, and I’ll send you a packet of information about the league.

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  1. Steve Katz said...

    Wow, an APBA posting!!!  I still get the cards every year (my son won APBA for life at one of the conventions) but haven’t played an actual game in a long time!!!  How do you play a game of basic dice and boards APBA online?  Where in NJ is the convention?

  2. Woody Studenmund said...

    Hi Steve,

    We don’t actually play on line.  Two of our managers wrote a program that computerizes the APBA boards and then uses the cards and randomly generated dicerolls to play games.  The big advantage of the computer program is that it also
    compiles the statistics, saving a ton of time.

    The convention will be in Little Egg Harbor, NJ.



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