Baseball Analysts and Bird Killers

Earlier this week, Rich Lederer and Bryan Smith opened a new website called Baseball Analysts. Rich and Bryan are two good friends of The Hardball Times, and their writing is always excellent. Be forewarned, however — Rich is slightly obsessed with Bert Blyleven and Jered Weaver.

You also might be interested in the attached PDF file about baseball’s bird killers, from Alex Reisner’s baseball site. Just in case you were wondering which baseball players have killed a bird with a baseball. I was once watching batting practice at Fenway in late 1976 when Jim Rice picked up a ball and threw it against the scoreboard as hard as he could, leaving a decent dent in it. Luckily, there were no birds in the way.

That was the day he was moved from left field to DH for the rest of the season.

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