Baseball didn’t suck in 2010

The legendary Frank Deford checks in with an essay (listen or read) for NPR’s Morning Edition.

The fact is, though, that (a) 2010 was a lousy sports year overall, (b) a really terrible sports year for the United States, and (c) 2011 looks like even more of a bummer.

Mr. Deford continues to list the ills of sport from 2010
{exp:list_maker}Sly Stallone in the Boxing Hall of Fame
World Cup to Qatar
Tiger Woods was MIA
Jimmie Johnson is too boring
LeBron James and The Decision
Zenyatta lost the Triple Crown
Some odd remarks about the world’s best athletes being Filipino, Spanish, Korean or Canadian{/exp:list_maker}
Notice the complete lack of baseball? Why is that? Was Mr. DeFord unable to find any suckitude worthy of mention? We’ll take nominations in the comments.

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  1. Steve Treder said...

    Years ago, I used to really enjoy Deford’s essays on NPR.  But at least for the past five years or so, he seems to have become little more than a cranky, whiny old fart.  I’m not sure whether he’s changed or I have, or perhaps it’s a bit of both.

  2. lieiam said...

    Okay, I didn’t follow the link but I’m hoping that his piece was tongue in cheek because otherwise I think he’s lost it (looking at the list of ills)… especially (apparently) complaining about the best athletes being Filipino, Spanish, Korean or Canadian. Umm… to go with a Morrissey song title “America Is Not The World”.

  3. Harry Pavlidis said...

    @lieiam he does preface with “all sports years are awesome” or words to that effect. He seems to be saying it isn’t a great year in sport if Americans aren’t king.
    Listening to the audio, it is a lament not a parody.

  4. NWS said...

    Pre-voicemail Tiger was basically the same person Jimmy Johnson is now: incredibly consistent, dominant, and very in control.

    How can you claim about the lack of one and the existence of the other?

  5. Harry Pavlidis said...

    If all we can come up with is “umpires” and “Brooks Conrad” then, by golly, it was a fine season.

  6. fivetoolMike said...

    Oh, I agree.  Baseball was decidedly awesome this year.  Even the way the Cubs sucked this year didn’t hurt me as badly.

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