Beating the Yankees

I try to be fair and unbiased when I write here, but for all those who don’t already know: I’m a die-hard Yankees fan. So I’m watching tonight’s Yankee game against the Blue Jays, in which the pitching matchup is grizzled veteran Andy Pettitte versus grizzly-bearded Roy Halladay. During the broadcast, the announcers came up with an interesting little tid-bit about Roy Halladay’s place in Yankees history.

Roy Halladay has a career record of 16-5 versus the Yankees, which is a .762 winning percentage, in 223.1 innings. That winning percentage is good for second-best all-time against the Yankees (minimum I don’t know how many starts…it was on TV). You know who has the best ever winning percentage against the Yankees, according to Elias? None other than George Herman Ruth. The Babe went 17-5 (.773 W%) over his career pitching against the Yankees. Who knew?

(My source for this information was the YES Network broadcast. I would love to cite it, but I can’t)

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  1. YankeesfanLen said...

    Can’t we learn from the lessons of 80+ years ago and just sign Halladay? Big disappointment, Brian, who lost the checkbook?

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