Here’s something that doesn’t happen every day: a newspaper article quotes me. It’s on catcher-managers by Marc Carig in the Journal-Star. We had an email exchange on the subject earlier this week. The piece focuses on why catchers so frequently become managers.

One thing I mentioned in my email that doesn’t quite relate to his piece (and hence was sensibly left out of the article) is that pitchers rarely become catchers.

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  1. obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

    “…that pitchers rarely become catchers.”

    I assume you mean here “become managers.”

  2. Chris Jaffe said...

    Yeah.  Good catch.  One advantage of THT Live is you can see why the site needs editors with its main articles.

    Though, when you think about, it’s true that pitchers rarely become catchers . . . .

  3. Joltinjoe said...

    I think he meant “catchers”.  It is funny.  Joke was missed.  And, wisely left out of the article.  Now you know.

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