College World Series odds: Omaha day 4

Yesterday, Virginia beat Fullerton in the loser’s bracket game, sending the Titans home. In the other game, LSU stayed undefeated by pummeling Arkansas. Unsurprisingly, LSU is in command of the bracket. Arkansas or Virginia will have to win their next three games (one against the other, then two against LSU) to displace them in the final weekend.

Today, Texas and Arizona State battle to stay undefeated, while Southern Miss and North Carolina try to stay alive.

Full odds after the jump.

Team                  FinalTwo  Champ  

Texas                    30.8%  14.0%  
Southern Mississippi      1.1%   0.3%  
Arizona State            61.7%  38.4%  
North Carolina            6.3%   3.1% 
Arkansas                  3.7%   0.9%  
Virginia                 24.6%  13.3%  
Louisiana State          71.7%  30.0%
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