College World Series odds through day 3

And then there were 22. Ten of the 16 Super Regional qualifiers are set. Those teams get several days off before playing a three-game series next weekend. Twelve more teams get to fight it out this evening. Those six winner-take-all games will fill out the remainder of the Super Regional field.

Despite a tough draw, Virginia escaped unscathed from the Irvine regional, defeating the host Anteaters twice in as many days. My other favorite underdog, Kansas State, was unable to stop Rice yesterday, so they’ll have a tough battle on their hands tonight to advance.

One note on the results. Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that yesterday’s odds report gave Arizona State a slight edge over Virginia to win it all, despite the fact that Virginia was originally favored, and both teams did nothing but win. The adjustment was due to Arizona State’s likely Super Regional opponent. Since Oklahoma State (the underdog) beat Clemson (the favorite) in Saturday’s winner’s bracket game, Arizona State had a good chance of getting the Cowboys in the next round. While the Sun Devils are favored either way, Oklahoma State would’ve been a much more favorable matchup. Now that Clemson has come out of the loser’s bracket and forced a decisive game (which, as you’ll see, I give them a strong chance of winning), the bigger obstacle may be back in Arizona State’s path.

Once again, Virginia is the slight favorite. And after they slipped through the Strasburg noose, then beat UC Irvine twice (by a three-game combined score of 14-2, no less), who’s to doubt them?

Keep reading for the full report.

Team                  SuperReg  Omaha  FinalTwo  Champ
Texas                   100.0%  60.4%     13.6%   6.0%  
Texas Christian         100.0%  39.6%      7.1%   2.7%
Georgia Tech             66.1%  35.7%      7.3%   3.1%  
Southern Mississippi     33.9%  12.0%      1.1%   0.3%  
Florida                 100.0%  52.4%      7.8%   2.8%  

Arizona State           100.0%  72.7%     32.7%  19.2%  
Clemson                  64.6%  20.6%      6.1%   2.7%  
Oklahoma State           35.4%   6.7%      1.1%   0.3%
East Carolina            62.2%  26.9%      6.1%   2.6%  
South Carolina           37.8%  11.9%      1.6%   0.5%  
North Carolina          100.0%  61.2%     15.6%   7.2%
Cal State Fullerton     100.0%  73.6%     25.4%  14.6%  
Louisville               54.9%  15.5%      2.8%   1.1%  
Vanderbilt               45.1%  10.9%      1.6%   0.5% 
Florida State           100.0%  63.3%      9.0%   3.5%  
Arkansas                100.0%  36.7%      2.7%   0.8%  

Virginia                100.0%  75.4%     33.9%  21.3%  
Mississippi              54.3%  14.2%      2.8%   1.1%  
Western Kentucky         45.7%  10.4%      1.7%   0.6%
Rice                     56.1%  21.1%      3.3%   1.3%  
Kansas State             43.9%  15.3%      2.2%   0.8%  
Louisiana State         100.0%  63.5%     14.5%   7.0% 
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