Cubaball 2010

This Thursday, I’ll be departing for Havana. I’m taking part in Cubaball, an annual cultural exchange tour of Cuba, focusing on baseball and history. Our group (comprised of about 20 Americans and Canadians) will watch six baseball games, visit numerous historic sites in Havana and elsewhere on the island, meet Cuban ballplayers and various others, and talk baseball, culture, and history (late into the night, no doubt!).

One suspects that perhaps a bit of rum and cigars will be involved.

I’ve been warned that internet access from Cuba will be, well, unreliable, so I’ll make no promises to provide any real-time updates, but upon my return I’ll let ya know how it went.


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  1. Dave Rouleau said...

    Have a good and safe trip.

    I had the chance to see a game while in Cuba a month ago.  It took place in Jovellanos and featured one Cuban player that participated in the last World Baseball Classic, Joan Carlos Pedroso.

    Let me tell you this: the difference in culture and their love of baseball made it one of my favorite baseball experience ever.  I still have the chills just thinking about it…

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