DePodesta’s philosophy

Back when Paul DePodesta was a baseball rock star, he appeared in business conferences and magazines talking about his philosophy of management. Most of those interviews are no longer on the web, but that’s why we have the Wayback Machine. Doing a little search, I was able to find a copy of the presentation he gave to Credit Suisse /First Boston in 2003.

It’s a terrific read. Met fans might be interested.

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  1. dan said...

    Good read.  Anything else out there worth reading Depodesta related (aside from short interviews here and there and Moneyball)?


  2. Brooklyn Lou said...

    > I hate presentations based on appeal to authority (“thomas payne wrote….”).

    I think its meant to be subtly ironic since the entirety of the presentation details the exact opposite, a attack on authority and tradition.

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