Does this happen often?

I stumbled across this gem of a box score and had to share:

This is one where I’d really love to have the play-by-play. The thing that makes it odd is this: in the ten-run fourth inning for the Senators, Bennie Tate, pinch-hitting for Firpo Marberry, walked and was replaced at first by Lefty Atkinson, making his first and last major league appearance. Not only did Atkinson score, he eventually batted in the same inning. The replaced Marberry got the win, while Garland Braxton replaced Atkinson in the lineup and pitched five innings for a long save.

How many players never were listed as a fielder or pinch-hitter on a scorecard in their careers and yet got a plate appearance? It would have to be a pretty short list; I suspect it’s not unique to Atkinson, but it can’t be too many other players.

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  1. Geoff Young said...

    I didn’t look too hard, but there are some guys who have come close:

    Dick Murphy, Cin, 1954: Struck out as a pinch-hitter in his big-league debut on June 13 against the Dodgers, then made five appearances as a pinch-runner that September before disappearing.

    Roy Gleason, LA, 1963: Made seven pinch-running appearances before knocking a pinch-hit double in his final big-league game.

    Candy Harris, Hou, 1967: Struck out as a pinch-hitter in his only trip to the plate on April 22 against the Reds. His other five appearances all came as a pinch-runner.

    Fun question…

  2. Brandon Isleib said...

    Those guys all were sent up as PHs at least once in their careers, though.  Atkinson was a PR who happened to bat around.

    That’s still a great list of random players with cool names, and it seems they ought to be put in an article or a song…

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