Errata: Into the Next Dimension with HITf/x

Hi Readers,

You may have noticed that Jon Hale’s article from earlier today, “Into the Next Dimension with HITf/x,” has been removed from the site. Jon has found a calculation error which significantly alters the findings. We regret the error, and hope to post a revised version of the article soon.

Update: Comments made on the original post are not permanently lost, just hidden from our live site. I will work with Jon to make sure they’re included in the revised version. Thanks to Tango for bringing that issue up in the comments.

Bryan Tsao

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  1. Tom M. Tango said...

    Bryan, in so doing, we lost alot of great comments including from Alan Nathan.  I think you need to bring that article back, and put in your editor’s note at the top.

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