Extraordinary HBPs

The White Sox’ Carlos Quentin has already been hit by a pitch three times this year with the bases loaded. As reader Paul Finkelstein pointed out, with the help of Sean Forman at Baseball Reference, this ties the record for most bases-loaded HBPs in a season in the last 53 years. Here’s the complete list of those who have accomplished the same feat over a full year…

 Andres Galarraga       1998
 Chuck Knoblauch        1998
 Ed Sprague             1999
 Brad Fullmer           2001
 Jose Vidro             2001
 Aaron Boone            2002
 Lance Berkman          2003
 J.T. Snow              2004
 Carlos Quentin         2008

All in the last ten seasons. How weird is that?

EDIT: Updated — I incorrectly referred to walks in the original post.

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