Fielding Stats at THT

As proud as we are of our statistics, we’ve felt a little bad that we haven’t had any fielding statistics. Fear not. Thanks to our intrepid technical “staff” (one Bryan Donovan), we now have thorough fielding and catching stats available for you.

All of the basic fielding statistics that have been published in our Annual (including fielding vs. throwing errors, and double plays started vs. double plays turned) are now listed on the site for the last three years. Plus, we’ve added John Dewan’s Zone Rating statistics for all non-catchers. John invented the original Zone Rating that Stats uses, but this version is an improvement over the original. It doesn’t include balls fielded out of the zone in the numerator (they are listed separately as “OOZ.” Out of Zone — get it?) and double plays are counted only once. We believe these are some of the best fielding statistics available on the Internet for free.

The fielding stats, like all of our stats, will be presented and updated during the 2007 season. In the meantime, you can dig into what we have by checking out Adam Everett’s awesomeness, for starters.

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