Forecasts updated to reflect deadline trades

Once we were able to get the new team rosters from, our crew of team experts went to work last night updating the depth charts for each team, entering the expected playing time for each player from now until the end of the season. Oliver was re-run, and now the rest of season projection for each traded player is customized according to the park factors for his new team.

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  1. hankp101 said...

    I took a quick look at some of the more prominent guys that were traded and it looks like at least Rasmus and Beltran don’t have new ROS forecasts.

  2. Brian Cartwright said...

    I had checked a couple of guys who were traded on Sunday (we originally had a problem on the late trades) and they do have ROS, but the guys you mention, Rasmus and Beltran, were traded earlier in the week and had played with their new teams by Sunday, leading to a “Year so far” with two teams, so right now I am assuming that is the root of the problem. I will get the tech guys on it.

  3. Brian Cartwright said...

    It appears we have the rest of year and full year problems fixed. Please let us know if any other players don’t display correctly.

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