Giants-Cards SmackDown, Courtesy of Rankometer

As a San Francisco resident, I’ve seen the Giants up close and agree their rotation rocks. But is it the NL’s best? What about the Cardinals rotation? Let’s ask Rankometer. It ranks each team’s starters 1-5, based on FIP. After looking at these, I think I might go with the Cards rotation for its depth 1-5.



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  1. jim said...

    I’m betting not too many people would take Lohse over Sanchez at this point, better FIP or not. I know the argument for using FIP over ERA, but come on Lohse’s FIP is driven by the fact that he has given up just 1 HR – once that is ‘corrected’ his FIP will be closer to his ERA. I think it would be better to move Carpenter to #2, Lohse to #5 and Garcia to #4 to see how these guys would really match up in a series.

  2. Nick Steiner said...

    Good job Kevin.  I think that Waino is the ace of the Cardinals though, small nit pick.

  3. Kevin Dame said...

    Ack.  Thanks for the heads up Nick.  I just fixed the bug in the Rankometer and everything should be accurate now.  “Waino” is in his rightful place as the ace of the Cards.  And the Cards’ rotation still looks better than the Giants’ (in my humble opinion)…

  4. Chris said...

    Seems like the chart isn’t taking in small sample sizes into affect with LeBlanc above Jimenez and De La Rosa ranked 6th among 2nd best pitchers. But even with small sample sizes included there’s no mention of Chacin who has only had 2.17 FIP. I’m assuming that because of this you’re only counting pitchers with 20+ IP.

    This is very interesting. I’d love to see the ERA version too though to compare since a pitcher is never without his defense. I also like how Wellemeyer is the only one be worse than a Pirates pitcher.

  5. obsessivegiantscompulsive said...


    Hard to compare Sanchez right now, he was bothered/weakened by a cold for 2-3 starts..

    Plus, many believe that Wellemeyer is only keeping the #5 spot warm for Bumgarner right now.  Whereas I don’t think the Cards have a similar replacement for Lohse.

    Pirates actually have a decent rotation, looking at their 2009 stats, I was shocked.

  6. SharksRog said...

    I’ll take either starting staff and make it tough for you to come up with a better one.

    I think Lincecum is the best #1 pitcher.

    I think Carpenter and Wainwright are the better #1 and #2 combo.

    After that it starts to get murky.

    If Madison Bumgarner pitches has his last three starts when he was very good as opposed to his first two starts when he was awful, he could be recalled and swing the balance of power.

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