Graphs and Team Stats

have been updated. The division race graphs are really fun to look at, especially in the AL East (Devil Rays) and NL West (Giants).

We don’t display pickoffs in our stats, but here is a list of the number of pickoffs each team’s pitchers have caught in the NL:

COL      13
MIL      10
LAD       6
SFG       6
ARI       5
FLO       5
HOU       4
MON       4
NYM       4
PIT       4
SDP       4
ATL       3
CHC       3
STL       2
CIN       1
PHI       0

Here’s the AL:

CHW      11
OAK      10
TEX       9
TBD       8
BAL       7
KC        7
NYY       6
MIN       5
ANA       4
CLE       4
SEA       4
BOS       3
DET       3
TOR       2
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