Great New Site

Andrew Clark has developed a tremendous new baseball site, Major League Charts. Essentially, he has created interactive graphs for all baseball stats in history. It may take you a minute or two to get used to the interface, but you’ll find the time is worth it. I could get lost in this stuff.

The above link will take you to Babe Ruth’s stats. If you click on a year, then on a specific cell, you’ll get a graph of totals of that stat for the year, comparing all players in the majors and on the Yankees. Roll over the graph, and you’ll see each player’s name and stats. Click on it, and you’ll get his stats. You’ll find that you just keep on clicking.

This site is a fine addition to the other historic baseball stat sites on the web, such as Baseball Reference, Retrosheet, Baseball Almanac and Sean Lahman’s database. Have fun!

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