HEATER: Week 2

The second issue of Heater is available for download by THT subscribers. I have pushed the previously announced changes to next week so that we could complete work on the hitter pages with our biggest upgrade yet: PROJECTIONS. Yep—now when you check out the hitters at a position, you will get their projected numbers as well!

We present projected numbers in two flavors:

* True Talent – our estimate of the core rates of the players as of this moment. For hitters, we offer True BA/OBP/SLG. And we flag those batters who are seriously underperforming their true levels.

* Projected stat lines for the next week – H, HR, RBI, Runs, BA, and SB. We take the true talent of the player and adjust those rates for his line-up spot, team support, and strength of upcoming schedule, along with our exclusive playing-time allocations from our Radar Trackers. This ground-breaking feature will be a huge boon to fantasy owners who make weekly changes, and to folks who are looking to replace a guy briefly on the DL.

I’ve been playing around with these numbers for a week, and now I can’t imagine living without them! And the same changes are on the way for pitchers….

You can see sample hitter pages here. You can subscribe here.

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