Introducing Visual Baseball

Hi there. I’m a new blogger at The Hardball Times and wanted to introduce myself and a topic that I hope you’ll find interesting. It’s called Visual Baseball and it’s about the intersection of two things I love – baseball and infographics (the visual display of information). Over the next few months you’ll be seeing lots of different visuals from me. Some of them will be works in progress, but pushing towards a longer-term goal of bringing some fresh ideas for how this sport might be experienced. As I experiment with new visual methods and approaches, I would love your feedback – good or bad. It’ll help me create better stuff and hopefully help fans enjoy the game in new ways. Looking forward to collaborating with all of you! Cheers, Kevin

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  1. Bob Brown said...


    I think “Visual Baseball” is a great idea. I am a traditionalist as far as baseball is concerned. However, the application of technology such as you described would enahance, rather than detract, the great statistical traditions and processes of the game. Please keep me informed and thank you for your efforts.

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