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I’m pleased to announce a new Hardball Times publication: Third Base: The Crossroads. This is something new for us, an electronic book that you can read on your Kindle.

Several years ago, Steve Treder wrote a terrific series of articles that examined the reasons for the relative scarcity of Hall of Fame third basemen. His conclusion was that third base is more of a “crossroads” position due to its unique place on the defensive spectrum. Players tend to move through third base instead of staying put. He went on to list and discuss the many players who have done so.

This e-book is an enhancement of the idea. In it, Steve re-states his insight and then discusses all the great and not-so-great third basemen, the many who have passed through and over the hot corner, and even the many who conceivably might have played third base in the majors but never really did. It’s a terrific review of baseball history, from the perspective of one corner of the baseball diamond.

And it’s just $3.99 at your Kindle bookstore. I know many of you don’t have a Kindle, but don’t despair. Kindle software works on many devices, including tablets and the iPhone. You can even download software to read Kindle publications on your personal computer. Here’s a link to all the various types of free Kindle reading software.

So support THT and pick up a unique, interesting and readable take on baseball history. Get Third Base: The Crossroads today.

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  1. Alec Rogers said...

    I just downloaded this and look forward to reading it.  I think the idea of bundling related content into e-books is superb (esp. at that very reasonable price).  I’d love to see content from the Annuals – perhaps the more “timeless” stuff be made into e-books as well as it saves shelf space.

    For those who think you need a Kindle, in fact you can read Amazon e-books on your PC or Android phones, iPhone or iPad as well.

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