It’s THT Dispatch

We’ve got a new feature here at the Hardball Times. It’s called THT Dispatch, and it’s a newly featured blog on the site (you can view a link for it in the links at the top of the page—between THT Live and THT Forecasts). The idea behind THT Dispatch is that our writers will regularly post something—such as a pitching profile, trade commentary or pitch breakout—based on our own interpretation of the the latest pitch tracking technology.

PITCHf/x data is terrific, but it’s not perfect. There can be differences between parks, subpar pitch identification and other issues. Over the years, THT writers have worked hard to improve the data. In particular, Harry Pavlidis has delved into the nooks and crannies of the data on a regular basis. We think our current version provides a solid framework for commentary and analysis, and THT Dispatch is where you’ll find it.

We’ve incorporated THT Dispatch into our RSS feeds and you’ll find a link to the most recent post on our home page each day. Check it out when you get a chance.

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