Jacobsen hits 2 HR

Bucky Jacobsen, the 28-year-old Triple-A DH/1B in the Mariners organization, had his third multi-homer game of the season yesterday. He’s now hitting .314/.400/.645 with 17 2B, 13 HR, and 49 RBI in 44 games. Meanwhile, big-league DH Edgar Martinez is hitting just .253/.333/.397, and 1B John Olerud is at .267/.382/.360. Outside of pinch-hitter Dave Hansen, the Mariners don’t have any good bats off the bench either. Jacobsen’s earned himself a chance… I just hope he gets it.

Another of my favorites, Ramon Castro (the A’s infielder), has done well after missing most of the month of May. He’s got a .293/.402/.453 line right now, and has spent most of his time at shortstop. And he’s still only 24 years old.

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