Jim Thome: all-time walk-off homer king

Yesterday, on June 23, 2012, Jim Thome made history.

In the bottom of the ninth in a Phillies-Rays game tied 6-6, the veteran slugger hit a pinch-hit solo walk-off home run to end the game.

It’s the 13th regular season walk-off home run of Thome’s career—more than anyone else in baseball history. Previously, he was tied with a handful of other great sluggers with 12. Here’s the all-time leader board:

Batter	 Walk-offs
Jim Thome	13
Babe Ruth	12
Jimmie Foxx	12
Stan Musial	12
Frank Robinson	12
Mickey Mantle	12

A longer list of leaders can be found here.

Now Thome stands alone atop the all-time leaders.

Granted, Mickey Mantle has 13 if you include the postseason as he hit one in a World Series, but we never mix postseason stats with regular season stats in any other category, so why here? The next best among active players is David Ortiz, with 10.

Thome is No.1 in the clutchest sort of home run of them all. Congrats, Mr. Thome.

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