Joe Girardi Facts

Joe Girardi costs his team 97% in Win Expectancy per game. The other 3% is the bridge to Mariano! Teh eighth inning!!!

President Girardi replaces Secretary of State Clinton with AP History student because he “likes the matchup with North Korea better.” (Keith Law)

Joe Girardi is the reason the band MGMT abbreviated its name, not wanting to be associated with his management.

Joe Girardi invented the triple switch.

Joe Girardi isn’t competent enough to be the assistant regional manager nor the assistant to the regional manager of the New York Yankees.

CBS just announced a new 2010 drama starring Joe Girardi: “The Overmanagerist.” (Bill Simmons)

Joe Girardi made the innocuous move a couple weeks ago of pulling David Robertson, a good reliever, in favor of Alfredo Aceves, another good reliever. This move directly resulted in the Yankees’ first playoff loss to the Angels. Now, the outcry over Girardi’s thoughtless and truly indefensible moves—pinch-running for A-Rod, bunting with Nick Swisher on a 2-0 count, starting Jerry Hairston against Pedro—has become indistinguishable from the outcry over Girardi’s harmless and possibly correct decisions—bunting with Derek Jeter, starting Jose Molina, using Mariano as a crutch. Fans are becoming The Boy Who Cried Overmanager. Is Joe Girardi a bad manager? Sure. But I’d just like to point out that the hyperbole machine is already in full gear.

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  1. joe geshel said...

    Tim <cCarver is paid to talk.  He runs out of intelligent things to say by the 2nd inning.  From then on it is just talk and not much baseball sense can be understood.  He once said that a runner on second is as good as a runner on third, so stealing third makes no sense.  He overlooked that a runner on third can score 7 ways that a runner on second cannot.

    A “good manager” is most often a lucky manager.  So a lucky manager can make a difference.

  2. Gerry said...

    The hyperbole machine, in the form of McCarver, said during Game 3 that a good manager can be worth 25 to 30 games to his team. I suspect it wouldn’t be hard to show this is way off.

  3. Gerry said...

    I owe an apology to McCarver. I’m getting the AFN broadcast, so it was actually Rick Sutcliffe who said a good manager can be worth 25 to 30 games.

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