Kevin Brown. Randy Johnson.  Curt Schilling….. and now Dan Haren

Turns out the seventh time is the charm.

Friday night, Nationals pitcher Dan Haren took the hill for the seventh time in his career against the Phillies. Unlike the first six times, this time Haren came away with the win, in a 9-2 triumph for Washington.

This proved to be a historical win for Haren because—as noted in advance here at THT—he’d already beaten the other 29 teams. This win gives Haren a victory against his 30th/final franchise.

Haren got to his 28th team back in 2009. At the time, he needed just the White Sox and Phillies. He got the ChiSox in April 2011, and has been needing just the Phillies ever since.

He is the 13th pitcher to join the club.Preceding him in the club are some of the best pitchers of the last 20 years, men like Kevin Brown, Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling. Then again, also beating him to the club are a bunch of random journeymen like Woody Williams, Terry Mulholland, and my personal favorite, Vicente Padilla.

Rounding out the club are Al Leiter, Jamie Moyer, Barry Zito, Javier Vazquez, Derek Lowe and A.J. Burnett.

And now, Dan Haren.

Here is when the guys joined the club:
April 27, 2002: Al Leiter
March 31, 2004: Kevin Brown
July 3, 2004: Terry Mulholland
Sept. 10, 2004: Curt Schilling
Sept. 26, 2006: Woody Williams
May 26, 2008: Jamie Moyer
April 19, 2009: Randy Johnson
June 12, 2010: Barry Zito
July 21, 2010: Javier Vazquez
Aug. 10, 2010: Vicente Padilla
May 10, 2010: Derrek Lowe
July 21, 2012: A.J. Burnett
Aug. 9, 2013: Dan Haren

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  1. Jim said...

    Here’s what I found.

    Leiter – DNP
    Brown – TB
    Mulholland – Ari
    Schilling – Sea
    Williams – STL
    Moyer – Col
    Johnson – Ari
    Zito – Oak
    Vazquez – Ana
    Padilla – Phi
    Lowe – DNP
    Burnett – Mia
    Haren – Phi

    DNP means he did not pitch on that day, so it is hard to determine what team.

  2. Chris Jaffe said...

    Yeah – Tom corrected the Al Leiter reference.  That should say 4/30/02.  Sorry about that.

    Derek Lowe was 5/10/12, not 5/10/10.  He beat Boston that dad.

  3. Obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

    What would be interesting is which team was the last one each pitcher beat to get to 30.  Nice article, thanks.

  4. Joe Geshel said...

    Do you have stats on who may have beaten all teams before interleague play?  It would have been more difficult, I think, because a trade to the opposite league would have been necessary and early in a pitcher’s career.

  5. Chris Jaffe said...


    Somewhere I got a list of guys that did it in the days of 26 teams.  I know Rick Wise was the first.  Mike Torrez, Scott Sanderson, Rick Wise, Nolan Ryan, probably Gaylord Perry and Don Sutton.  Tommy John did it if you include a World Series win over the Dodgers. Rich Gossage.  I think there’s nine in all.

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