Lambs To The Slaughter?

It looks as if the race for the title of Worst Opening Day Starter will come down to the Reds and the Rockies. According to an AP report, the Rox are going to send Shawn Estes out to face the Diamondbacks at the BOB on April 6. Meanwhile, Reds fans will see Cory Lidle face the Cubs on April 5 at home.

Estes managed a 5.73 ERA at the back of the Cubs rotation last year, and Lidle a patience-destroying 5.75 ERA for the Blue Jays. Estes, though, has a 0.60 ERA so far this spring in 15 innings, and Hurdle says he is pitching with “confidence”. I wonder how many Coors Field outings it will take before Estes’s confidence flags?

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