Last One In’s a Rotten Egg

The results of the 32nd Man ballots for the All-Star Game are in, and it’s Hideki Matsui and Bobby Abreu.

It’s great that Abreu, a great player who’s never before made the All-Star team, was selected, but the choice of Matsui was a bit… well, it was predictable, but not really the best choice. While Matsui’s certainly better than he was last year, he’s still unexceptional for a left fielder.

Rob Dibble’s comments on ESPN as the results came in were priceless:

“Hideki Matsui was not even the best guy on his own ballclub, I thought it should have been Frank Thomas or Paul Konerko, who’ve really helped the Chicago White Sox, so, you know, Hideki Matsui, I think, basically got picked ’cause his manager is the All-Star Manager.”

They pay this guy a lot of money to make commentary like that, folks.

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