The THT Live crew is back with another set of interesting links from the last few days. We haven’t overtaken Neyer (yet) like Pat hoped last week, so this will have to do for now…

Tom Tango took questions from a sabermetrics apostate. The answers are worth reading. The questions…not so much.

Capitol Avenue Club unveils a tool using Hit Tracker Online that lets you visualize how a player’s home run production might stack up in a given park.

Joe Posnanski with 9,000 words about the Royals’ decade. Someone read it for me and summarize.

Chad Jennings of the LoHud Yankees blog asks which players are considered local heroes but remain unappreciated elsewhere. My vote? A-Rod.

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  1. Alex Pedicini said...

    I’m not sure A-Rod is unappreciated elsewhere. He is most certainly ridiculed but I’d like to think baseball fans everywhere can at least acknowledge his talent and abilities.

    I’d go with a guy like Carl Crawford over A-Rod

  2. Dan Novick said...

    I was actually joking when I wrote that. Someone who better fits the profile on the Yankees would be Jorge Posada. I was talking with some friends last night about how Wayne Chrebet (former Jets receiver) was a hometown favorite but is relatively unknown outside of the NY area.

  3. Dwezilwoffa said...

    I dont know if Wayne Chrebet is unknown.  As a member of the flyover states, I knew who Chrebet was and enjoyed how he played the game.  Also didnt Keyshawn help his popularity when he said he didnt like the white boy from Hofstra in his autobiography.  Not that I read the book, just didnt like ME-shawn.

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