On this day in 1965, Ringo Starr married Maureen Cox. The marriage was not meant to be, however, as the couple divorced ten years later in 1975. On this day in 2010, I give you…

Baseball Prospectus’ newest pitching statistic, SIERA. Created by former StatSpeakers Eric Seidman and Matt Swartz, this invention looks to correct the flaws of Nat Silver’s QERA. Tom Tango has been at work recently testing SIERA in a number of different ways.

A long-noted trend among bloggers is the mainstream media’s tendency to judge the qualities of players partially based on race, instead of solely on merit. I’m sure this happens in the blogosphere as well, but it’s much more fun to call out journalists for their wrongdoings. The now-defunct Fire Joe Morgan used to talk about this all the time. Yesterday at TYU, Moshe Mandel expanded on the topic of aversive racism in baseball. Chances are you’ve been guilty of this as well.

In another post at TYU, Moshe Mandel looks into the clutch struggles of Robinson Cano. Keep in mind here that just because someone has struggled in the past in the clutch doesn’t mean he will continue to do so. Just ask A-Rod.

And finally, Matthew Carruth at Lookout Landing takes a look at catcher framing, an area that hasn’t been explored since Dan Turkenopf tried a while ago (if that’s vague enough for you).

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