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Phil Birnbaum wonders whether or not it makes sense for baseball teams to hire more sabermetricians. I think we can all agree on the answer to that one.

Lookout Landing recently completed a long set of primers talking about many of the basic sabermetric concepts as well as some more advanced things like linear weights. Speaking of linear weights, if you ever wondered what exactly goes into them, JT Jordan has your (long) answer. is probably the most comprehensive website of any of the major sports leagues, yet the NFL is making tons of money on mobile offerings while MLB is making peanuts. Why? Shawn Hoffman has some ideas.

Retrosheet continues to publish box scores of games from yesteryear, and Tom Ruane has highlighted some of the best games and performances of the 1920’s discovered in his research.

Maple bats have been a cause for concern pretty much since they first arrived on the scene. Thankfully, they’re no longer allowed in the minor leagues. We’ll see how this goes as a testing ground for a potential major league ban on maple bats. If MLB decides not to ban maple bats, they could mandate use of the bat glove.

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  1. Jim G. said...

    The Bat Glove is a fascinating solution. It seems much safer. What doesn’t seem to be studied is the effect of the batted ball. If it effects the dynamic of a hit, I would suspect MLB won’t go near the Glove.

  2. Kenny said...

    I believe that all teams should hire sabermetricians, even if they are not going to believe in the numbers, because other teams believe in them. It would help them to give or get favorable values for themselves in transactions. There’s a lot to be said for understanding your enemy, even if you don’t agree with them.

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