Marcus Stroman one to watch

Duke’s Marcus Stroman may be small in size (5’9 180 pounds) but he is a giant on the mound. The reigning ACC Freshman of the Year has breezed through the Cape League competition this summer to a tune of 25 innings, 0 runs, 32 strikeouts, 3 walks, and just 10 hits allowed.

Stroman was a two-way player his freshman year at Duke and has seen some brief action as a position player this summer, although at this point it is clear his future is on the mound. Stroman profiles best as a reliever in the long term. He has a quick arm and generates an easy 93-94 mph on his fastball with plenty of life. He tops out around 96 or 97. He will also feature a plus low-80s slider with good bite. His change-up is still a work in progress and he does not use it all that often. He works quickly and aggressively by attacking opposing hitters and pounding the strike zone.

He is a premium athlete and has the stuff of a potential closer in his future. His size will scare away some clubs but there is plenty to like about Stroman. He will be entering his sophomore year so he is not draft eligible until the 2011 draft but definitely keep an eye on him over the next two years.

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  1. Mike Rogers said...

    Stroman had a very good freshman year. I have him at 25.3% K rate (K/PA), 9.9% BB rate with a .338 BABIP (ACC average of .330). Good numbers.

  2. Brandon Tingley said...

    Billy Wagner lists at 5’10”… who knows how tall he REALLY is? Size is overrated with pitchers to a certain extent, I think—arm length, leg strength, and good technique leading to better efficiency can all easily compensate.

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