Me and Bill at the SABR Conference

I’ve already mentioned this—okay, I’ve mentioned it several times—but I won an award for historical baseball analysis and commentary at the SABR Analytic Conference last week. Actually, you folks did the voting, so I want to thank you again. Not only was I sitting next to Bill James when my name was announced (in other words, I was sitting next to my all-time baseball writer when I won an award for baseball writing), but Bill was kind enough to mention me in his speech the next day.

Enough about me. You can listen to Bill’s speech here.

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  1. Sam Kerkhoff said...

    I was sitting directly in front of you and Bill and had the distinct pleasure of shaking both of your hands immediately after you won. Congratulations on a well-deserved award. Thank you also for your involvement with the case competition. You were very gracious during the event and very positive and friendly after the competition.

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