Mr. November

This will be the second time the World Series stretches into November. I could be wrong if for some reason an early World Series started that late, but I was thinking only in the current 3 round playoff format could a series go this long. The latest dates for a final world series game:

11/04/2001 Diamondbacks over Yankees
10/29/2008 Phillies over Rays ( game started 10/27)
10/28/1995 Braves over Phillies
10/28/2007 Red Sox over Rockies
10/28/1981 Dodgers over Yankees

This series will last until at the very least 11/02/2009, and possibly to 11/05/2009, so we may see a new contender for the title of Mr. November. Derek Jeter seems to get consideration for that honor, but his big heroics came in game 4 of the 2001 series on 10/31. In the three October games he was 2 for 11. The true Mr. November would have to be Steve Finley (5 for 9), Mark Grace (3 for 7), or Tony Womack (6-17) among the hitters, but Randy Johnson has to take the overall award, with 2 wins (8.1 innings, 8 strikeouts, 2 runs allowed). That is, unless somebody tops his performance this year.

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  1. Ben said...

    Jeter’s HR in Game 4 of the ‘01 series came in extra innings—it was after midnight on November 1st when the ball left the yard. Hence the nickname.

  2. Ian said...

    It was the Indians, not the Phillies, who the Braves beat in 1995. I should know. I still have that entire Series on tape somewhere.

  3. Sean Smith said...

    Yeah, that’s right.  I thought about that after I wrote the post.  He’s the original, but I’ll stand by Randy Johnson as earning the title before the series was over.  Maybe Jeter can reclaim “Mr. November” in a few days.

  4. Steve said...

    Jeter did pretty well today. He’s now played in two WS in November. He was 2-4 with a run scored and an RBI. A decent day tomorrow (and or in game 6) and I think the title remains his.

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