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One of the things we heard from our readers earlier this year was that you’d like us to improve our RSS feeds. For those of you who don’t know, RSS feeds can be used in RSS readers such as Bloglines and Google Reader to help you stay on top of your favorite websites without having to visit them all.

THT’s RSS feeds have been relatively simple, with only summaries for each major article. Plus, you had to receive both THT and THT Live posts in the same feed. Several of you told us you’d like more content and more flexibility, so we’ve responded…

If you head on over to our home page and scroll down a bit, you’ll see eight new RSS feeds listed in the right column. You can choose one or several of these feeds to stay current with THT’s content. Here’s a brief summary of each one.

Feeds with summaries
As the title says, these feeds all contain summaries of each THT or Fantasy Focus article. To read the complete article, you can click on the title in your RSS reader. THT Live posts are included in their entirety.

We’ve split these out so that you can receive only the content you’re interested in.

THT only: Includes only summaries from THT articles listed on our home page, which tend to be published once a day.
THT Live only: Only the complete posts from THT Live, which are published throughout the day.
Fantasy Focus only: Only summaries from our Fantasy Focus blog, published several times a week.
THT and THT Live: Summaries from articles on our home page, as well as THT Live posts.
THT, THT Live and Fantasy Focus: Summaries from our home page articles and Fantasy Focus, as well as entire THT Live Posts.

Feeds with entire articles
If you’d like to read complete THT articles in your RSS reader, use one of these three feeds:

THT articles: Any article that is listed on our home page.
Fantasy Focus: Our Fantasy Focus articles
THT and Fantasy Focus: Both home page and Fantasy Focus articles.

Please note that many articles won’t format correctly in many RSS readers. If you want to see an article as the author intended, please read it on the site.

So now you’ve got a lot of flexibility. If you’re interested in reading entire THT articles and THT Live posts in your RSS reader, but not Fantasy Focus, then select two feeds: THT articles and THT Live only. Perhaps you’re only interested in fantasy content; then the “Fantasy Focus” feed is for you. Choose what works best for you.

Any comments? Drop me an email.

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