No 2013 THT forecasts

I’ve received a few questions about THT Forecasts, which have been available on the THT website for the past three years. We have decided to drop our THT Forecasts in 2013 and I’ve removed the link to them from our navigation. However, look for Oliver projections on Fangraphs at some point in 2013. Brian Cartwright’s great projection system won’t go to waste.

Many thanks to everyone who supported THT by purchasing the forecasts the last three years.

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  1. Brad Johnson said...

    That’s a shame. The price tool was really quite useful for building a starting point in non-standard auctions.

  2. said...

    While some of the credit should go to Apple and its iOS 8 update process (which has included several beta upgrades), most of the credit should go to the third-party app developers that have been hard at work on iOS 8 compatibility updates and bug fixes for iOS 8 problems.

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