Down… but not out

I’m not a “computer guy,” so I’ve only got a vague idea of what the heck happened to THT on Tuesday. Basically, there was a crash of sorts, and we were “down” from then until some time on tax day.

Fortunately, we’ve recovered all the archives and stuff, and measures have been taken to prevent such a problem from occurring again. We’re a newborn website, of course, and I suppose some growing pains are to be expected. I’m just glad the damage was essentially zero (aside from the 40 or so hours when nobody could access the site).

Anyway, we’re back now. If you didn’t get a chance to read our Tuesday articles, I HIGHLY recommend that you do. Ben’s always-excellent fantasy column is well worth reading, and Aaron has a great article about historical precedent (or lack thereof) for the “Bonds 660″ hype. Steve Treder compares the AL and NL up through 1955, in a wonderfully well-researched piece. Finally, my favorite article from Tuesday (and maybe my favorite we’ve had on the site so far — and that’s not a knock on anybody else) is Craig Burley’s riveting account of the trials and tribulations of Benny Kauff, the “Federal League Ty Cobb.”

Plus, we’ve got some new stuff today as always. And tomorrow, we’ll resume our regularly-scheduled program. The turbulence is over… you’re free to move about the cabin. Thanks for your patience.

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