Now shipping: the THT Annual

The Hardball Times Annual is, well, an annual event around here. I’m happy to say that this year’s event arrived at ACTA’s offices yesterday. If you ordered a copy from ACTA, as described in this article, you will receive it early next week. If you ordered from Amazon or some such silly place, you’ll have to wait at least another week.

And if you haven’t ordered it yet, head on over to ACTA, order it now and you’ll still receive it early next week. Did you know that the NL East had a positive winning record against every other division last year? Did you know that the Yankees had the best pitching in the majors om 2011, once you adjust for fielding impact? Did you know that Jackie Jensen spent more time with different teams along Interstate 95 than any other player?

Maybe not. But once you receive the Hardball Times Annual, you’ll know all these things and more. Please support us by buying it today.

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